About Me

Hi, I’m Alex.

I’m a cofounder of a travel tech startup called ClaimCompass, where alongside some smart and nice people, we’re trying to make air travel suck less. Formally, I look after marketing and growth, but in reality I’m much more of a generalist.

We’re backed by some great people and investors, such as Social Capital, 500 Startups, Hustle Fund, Rambleside Ventures, Telegraph Hill Capital, Ramen Ventures, Good News Ventures, David Houser and more.

Prior to ClaimCompass I did customer acquisition for a large chartered airline in Montreal, worked in PR for a marketing agency in Berlin, as well as an analyst for Economic and Social Development Canada.

I also like to advise and mentor startups, either as a broke angel or as a part of accelerators. I either am or have been mentoring at Techstars Berlin, Founder Institute Berlin and Sofia, Startup Wise Guys, IMPACT Accelerator, EO Accelerator in Kyiv, and more.

When I’m not too lazy and have something to say, I write here.

Thanks for stopping by 🙌

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Some links in no particular order

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Some past speaking gigs

Travel Tech Con, San Francisco
Wolves Summit, Warsaw
The Customer Service Summit, New York City
Traction Camp, Lviv
Startup Safari, Budapest
Startup Expo, Sofia
Business Gallery, AUBG  Blagoevgrad
Innowave, Varna
Travel Academy, Sofia
Endeavor Dare to Scale, Plovdiv